Stephan Haass

ESR 3.2-Stephan Haass – PhD student at EMPA.

Stefan studied physics (Diplom) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and during his 12 month diploma thesis investigated the surface and grain boundary properties of CIGS in collaboration with ZSW, Stuttgart. Afterwards he worked at ULVAC, Japan 6 months on the development of thin film deposition equipment for solar cell fabrication. Since August 2013 Stefan is a PhD student at Empa, Switzerland and early-stage researcher in the KESTCELLS project.

His task is the development of optimal kesterite based heterojunction solar cells, including finding suitable back contact materials, optimization of the absorber layer as well as interfaces and alternative buffer layers. Therefore many advanced skills in the field of thin film deposition and characterizations have been developed, which helped him to produce a kesterite solar cell with an efficiency of 11.2% using a solution approach.


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