Mariana Amuntencei

ER 6.2 Mariana Amuntencei – NEXCIS

Mariana is an electrochemist with an extended experience in laboratory, R&D and manufacturing environments. Her professional experience is mainly related to metal electrodeposition as well as metal recycling from industrial chemistries. Her technical interest is orientated towards improvement of industrial processes in microelectronics and solar fields.

She holds a PhD in materials science that she obtained from Paris VI University. Her PhD work was focused on copper deposition into complex nanoscale interconnections features on resistive 300 mm diameters silicon wafers for microelectronics application. This work was part of collaboration between CEA-Leti and ST Microelectronics (France).

She then developed new complex materials as precursor for positive electrode of Li-ion batteries in the framework of collaboration between Renault and CEA-Liten in Grenoble (France).

In 2012, she joined Areva Solar (USA) for nickel alloy electrodeposition process improvement in the high volume manufacturing of concentrated solar power generators.

Within the KESTCELLS project (NEXCIS, in France), she is in charge of developing and implementing industrial waste management methods required for an environmentally friendly manufacturing process.