Eduard Garcia Llamas

ESR1.2 Eduard Garcia Llamas PhD student at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Graduated in Materials Engineering at Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona, he was awarded with a scholarship within the program Erasmus Mundus to perform a Master in Materials Science in France, Germany and Italy. He obtained experience in different research centers around Europe, like OCAS in Belgium, HZB in Germany and ISP in Ukraine. His experience in the industrial world gave him practical skills to apply to the Kestcells project. His motivation, willingness to work hard -thanks to his own convictions in solar energy-; his previously knowledge of quaternary compounds, and its knowledge on synthesis and characterization are added values to enhance the options to overcome problems and bring the project to achieve improvements. Some of these achievements may be improvements in Kesterite as absorber light material by the optimization of the synthesis of the material with the appropriated optoelectronic properties. He thinks that one important aspect of this project is that it provides him the opportunity to meet both PhD students and senior researchers of the solar energy field, which would be an invaluable value in the progress of his research career.


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