Program of seminars


Institution Month Date Title
FUB 8 29/04/2013 Extracting information from Rietveld refinement
UAM 9 08/05/2013 Principles of basic characterization of solar cells
UL 10 18/06/2013 Bonds and crystals of semiconductors
UL 10 25/06/2013 Electrons in semiconductors – band structure
UL 10 27/06/2013 Electronic defects (hydrogen model for shallow defects, behaviour of deep defects)
UU-ASC 10 11/06/2013 Mechanical properties of thin films
IREC 11 10/07/2013 Kesterites: an overview
IREC 11 23/07/2013 Chemical routes for the synthesis of Kesterites
UL 11 09/07/2013 Doping (charge carrier statistics in equilibrium, p-, n-type doping)
UL 11 11/07/2013 Charge Carrier transport (conductivity, mobility, scattering mechanisms)
UL 11 16/07/2013 Non-equilibrium (quasi-Fermi levels, SRH recombination)
UL 11 12/09/2013 p/n-homojunction (band structure, IV (diode factor 1 and 2), QE)
UL 11 13/09/2013 p/n-heterojunction, (band structure, IV, QE)
AMU 13 06/09/2013 Ab-Initio Modeling and Simulation of materials for solar cells
UU-ASC 14 15-22/10/13 Thermodynamics of phase diagrams
EMPA 15 05/11/2013 Phase diagrams: from basics to understanding chalcogenide materials
FUB 15 25/11/2013 Safety Assessment and Comparing Safety Records and Public Recognition of Various Energy Supplies
IREC 15 25/11/2013 Optoelectrical characterization of thin films photovoltaics absorbers and devices
NU 15 21/11/2013 Characterisation of novel Solar Cells
UAM 18 28/02/2014 Effect of Na on CIGSe thin fims and devices. Flexible solar cells. Possible extrapolation to Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4?
AMU 19 14/03/2014 Spectroscopic Ellipsometry: applications for thin film solar cells
NU 19 17/03/2014 Electrical Characterisation of Interfaces
IREC 19 18/03/2014 Raman spectroscopy: practical approach
HZB 21 23/05/2104 Photo Electron Spectroscopy
UAM 21 08/05/2014 Ion matter interaction and ion  beam analysis
UAM 22 23/06/2014 Growth and characterization of Cu2Zn(Sn,Ge,Si)(S,Se)4
AMU 22 26/06/2014 Supramolecular Photochemistry: from basic concepts to energy conversion
NEXCIS 22 30/06/2014 Luminescence Techniques for Solar Cells Characterization
IREC 23 01/07/2014 State of the art in Kesterites
EMPA 23 17/06/2014 Advanced characterization of chalcogenide thin film solar cells
AMU 23 24/07/2014 Black Silicon Photovoltaics
FUB 28 11/12/2014 X-ray absorption spectroscopy and its application to chalcopyrite and kesterite materials
IREC 28 04/12/2014 Management of European Projects
EMPA 28 08/12/2014 Time-resolved photoluminescence spectroscopy of thin film solar cells
NEXCIS 28 17/12/2014 Low-cost approaches for CZTS solar cell manufacturing
NEXCIS 29 27/01/2015 Clues towards identifying limits and improving kesterite solar cells
IREC 30 16/02/2015 Laser applications for photovoltaics
IREC 30 20/02/2015 Characterization techniques for chalcogenide thin film solar cells
UAM 31 04/03/2015 Dye sensitized solar cells
UAM 31 05/03/2015 Perovskite solar cells
EMPA 30 24/02/2015 Zn-based alternative buffer layers – a challenge worthwhile?
HZB 31 27/03/2015 The CISSY surface and interface analysis system at BESSY II
HZB 33 27/05/2015 Time Resolved Photoluminescence Spectroscopy
FUB 34 10/06/2015 Growth and characterization of Kesterite compound semiconductors
HZB 34 09/06/2015 Quantitative Photoluminescence Imaging of Solar Cells
HZB 34 30/06/2015

Heterojunctions in Solar Cells

EMPA 35 16/07/2015

20% efficiency CIGS-based thin film solar cells grown by LT-PED (Low Temperature Pulsed Electron Deposition) technique

EMPA 36 19/08/2015

Interface passivation at heterojunctions and grain boundaries in CIGS-based solar cells: Current status in view of the development of novel passivation strategies

AMU 38 20/10/2015

Raman spectroscopy as non-destructive and non sample preparation tool for defects evaluation in complex semiconductors for photovoltaic applications

U.U 39 27-30/11/2015

Advanced concepts in Silicon Solar Cells

AMU 42 04/02/2016

State of the art of industrial CIGS and routes towards higher competitivity and new markets opportunities

AMU 42 11/02/2016

Synthesis of kesterites nanoparticles by ball milling for processing thin films to be used in solar cells

AMU 43 10/03/2016

Optical Spectroscopy of Surfaces, Thin Films and Nanostructures

HZB 47 29/07/2016

Quantitative XPS and its Application to Thin Film Solar Cells