Network workshops

The training program includes the organisation of five thematic workshops, that will be centred on different aspects relevant for the formation of researchers and professionals in thin film PV technologies. The workshops will be open to researchers from outside the network, and they will be of between 1 and 2 days duration. The program of the workshops is listed in the Table. This program has been designed taking into account the need for an interdisciplinary training of the researchers. According to this, the workshops will be given by experts from different fields ranging from basic materials science aspects to IPR and industrial management. In the last case, the participation of the companies involved in the consortium is relevant for the development of a training program with the required level of interdisciplinarity. Companies will provide with training aspects more specific of industrial groups as those related to IPR management and industrial production and exploitation related issues.

In addition, two intensive short courses will be organised at ESADE (associated partner in KESTCELLS) for training on entrepreneurship, innovation and business management skills. Entrepreneurial and innovation management training of ESRs and ERs will be organised at the Sant Cugat Campus (Barcelona, Spain) from ESADE.



Training events, workshops & conferences

Lead Organising Institution

Planned date

Planned venue

1 Workshop WS1: Advanced characterisation techniques in Thin Film technologies: optoelectronic, vibrational and structural properties


Month 13


2 Workshop WS2: Advanced growth processes for Thin Film PV technologies: PVD / CVD based processes, reactive annealing and chemical based approaches


Month 19


3 Workshop WS3: Modelling and design of PV devices: application to thin film technologies


Month 31


4 Workshop WS4: IPR Management: Framework, tools and European/international regulations. Market and industrial exploitation elements for exploitation of PV technologies: State of the art and future trends & needs


Month 37


5 Workshop WS5: First conclusions and Evaluation of the Project, with the summary of key results achieved up to month 43 and their impact on the scientific community. Review on the future perspectives of kesterites from the research point of view towards their industrialization for large scale thin films modules production.


Month 42


6 Intensive short course SC1: From Science to Business


Month 27


7 Intensive short course SC2: Business Creation in the PV industry


Month 39