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"Mercator The Museum Sailing Ship". Psgg - police studies GO global. Administrative Officer, Personal Tax, Bradford, HM Revenue and Customs.

Plvr - Pseudo low volume reticle plvs - Practical Living and Vocational Studies plvt - Psittacosis Lymphogranuloma Venereum Trachoma plwa - People Living With aids plwc - People Living With Cancer plwd - people living with disabilities plwf. "Museos Navales de Chile". Pyec - Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Education Committee pyen - Pacific Youth Environment Network pyep - Prudential Young Entrepreneur Program. New to the Imperial Guard lore are the Arkhan Confederates, who are more or less the Confederate States of America, complete with grey uniforms and racist undertones. Formerly Prisoner Ombudsman for Northern Ireland.

Other games that play on this connection include the aforementioned Birthright, which features a goblin khanate. (Alston, Cumbria) Rabbi Mark Leonard Winer. Phmu - Post Harvest Management Unit phmv -. (London) Martin Peter Knops. The Kaysani have similarities to Spain, especially their religious fanaticism (although it's sun-worship here several names (e.g. For example, Set's realm is based on faux Ancient Egypt, but is nestled inside what can only be called Dante's Inferno. Phvm - Personal Hobbes Virtual Mirror # phvo - Partially hydrogenated vegetable oil phvp - Potawot Health Village Project phvr - poikilocapnic hypoxic ventilatory responses phvs - Public Health Veterinarians. "SS City of Milwaukee".

Brunel's SS Great Britain. In Kulipari: An Army of Frogs a very odd example in that the soundtrack, art and mythology are clearly based off aboriginal Australians, but almost everything else about the in-universe factions, from clothing to social structure, are more medieval European. For services to Housing. For services to Music Literature and Composition. United States Coast Guard. Sumner class Destroyer Patriots Point SS Lane Victory 297 United States California San Pedro United States 1945 Victory ship Cargo ship SS La Palma 298 Spain Canary Islands Tenerife Spain 1912 Steamship Laurindo Pitta 299 Brazil Rio de Janeiro. While they occasionally go on epic space voyages they don't do it very often and prefer their plot of ground. Planescape, the setting which focused on the old D D cosmology, plays with this trope like a kitten with yarn. For services to the Economy. We find next episode these two are representatives from Maretonia.

(Chippenham, Wiltshire) Ms Christine Frost. Tolkien used familiar stereotypes of English yokels, but Hollywood comic peasants are always Scotirish, hence the mixture. For voluntary and charitable services in Somerset. For services to the Rail Industry. Marcus Setchell CVO Nicholas John Lucas Chance, LVO,. Except due to shenanigans, his religion actually inspired Insane Clown Posse, not the other way around. "National Register # Eureka Steam Ferryboat". Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit takes place in an Alternate Earth with an Alternate Ancient Far East, specifically Korea. The Earth Kingdom is based on various periods of Imperial China.


It is inhabited by beret-wearing snails, and has a massive champagne flute as its most prominent landmark. Dunton 295 United States Connecticut Mystic United States 1921 Schooner Mystic Seaport Lady Canadian 116 Canada Manitoba Selkirk Canada 1944 Fishing vessel Marine Museum of Manitoba MV Lady Denman Australia South Coast Huskisson Australia 1912 Ferry Jervis Bay Maritime. Given joking justification in the world of Yrth, the "house setting" for fantasy gaming in gurps - many cultures there resemble those of ancient and medieval Earth, but that's because they were founded by refugees from Earth, accidentally transported. For voluntary service to the Girls' Brigade and to the community in Aberdeenshire. For services to Human Rights, Science and charity. The Kingdom of the Rhodoks is Southern European or Alpine-like, based predominantly on the Italian city states or the various Swiss cantons.

Archived from the original on 9 February 2017. (Ikley, West Yorkshire) Miss Joan Elaine Walters Cuthbert. Co-Chair, Learning Partnership Board, Isle of Wight. Director, Strategic Planning, Department of Environment, Northern Ireland Executive. Johto is made up of parts of Kansai and Chubu regions. Pabn - Post Aligned Bistable Nematic. House Hawkwood are with an upbeat, noblesse oblige attitude (in short, Atreides Expy Hazat are Hispanic with roots in our Latin America with appropriate machoistic, honour-obsessed culture; Decados are Russians with a backstabby mentality quite out of Renaissance. Retrieved "About Friends of the TS Queen Mary".

Pvah - Pleasant Valley Animal Hospital pvai - pulmonary vein antrum isolation pval - Panther Valley Railroad pvam - Protected Virtual Address Mode pvan - Peel Volunteer Administrators Network pvao - Philippine Veterans Affairs Office pvap - Pipestone. (Malvern, Worcestershire) Professor Linda Dolores Cardozo. For Public Service in the area of agriculture. For voluntary service to First Aid and Older People. Retrieved "PTF 3 Restoration Project". Retrieved "htms Consecation Project". The Land of the Linnorm Kings is clearly based on saga-era Viking myth. Chair, Newcastle Glee Musical Society. Co-director, University of Leicester Archaeological Service.

For services to the Fire and Rescue Service and the community in Tetbury, Gloucestershire. Played straight in Anima: Beyond Fantasy, exaggerating each nation and to the point it would be much faster to list those that aren't represented in Gaïanote That could be Earth in a distant future, the game's setting. Formerly Editor, The Archers. For services to Thyroid Cancer Research and Thyroid Cancer Sufferers. Ppyc - Percy Priest Yacht Club ppyd - Prevention Partners for Youth Development ppye - proteose peptone yeast extract ppyf - Palisades Pirates Youth Football ppyl - Planned Parenthood Young Leaders ppym - progressive polymerics ppyo - Project Prepare Youth Opportunity. For services to the regulation of financial services in Gibraltar.

Makai Toshi SaGa has the World of Ruins, whose locations have characteristics based on those of their Real Life counterparts in Tokyo. Retrieved 6 December 2018. For services to economic analysis in foreign policy. Similarly, the Defias take their cue from Maoists and Jacobins. Ppbh - Penna Powers Brian Haynes ppbi - Private Public Businesses Inc ppbk - peoples bank oxford PA ppbl - Parrot Pattern Buttfeather Loss! (Moggerhanger, Bedfordshire) Roger George Parry. (Maidstone, Kent) Derek Clarke.

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Gay plan cul paris rencontre gay perpignan Formerly Chair, Student Loans Company and Pro-Chancellor and Chair, University of Birmingham. The Iron Warriors might be a stand-in for the Spartans, as they are dedicated to gritty total war and have an underclass of slaves who are entirely expendable for them - though the Spartans drew the line at using Helots as rations.
Levrette gay couple bi toulouse Consultant Anaesthetist, Epsom and. Assistant director, Adult Social Care, Birmingham Social Services. Watch manager, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service. (Colchester, plan cul gay rapide plan cul gay thiers Essex) Richard John Willmott.
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For services to Children with Special Needs Education. (London) Dr Paula Marie Vasco-Knight. (Leicestershire) William James Halliday. For services to Mental Health. Formerly chairman, Axeon and Non-Executive chairman and Founder, Sigma Quality Consultancy. For charitable services to People with Encephalitis and their Families. Archived from the original on Retrieved "Rap Torpedo Boat". Chair, New Forest and Hampshire County Show. Golarion also has an ancient Egyptian analogue in Osirion, a Middle Eastern counterpart named Qadira (which is an autonomous satrapy of a Persian counterpart in Kelesh and a Roman/Byzantine-type country in Taldor. Ms Jane Ernestine Best, MBE. Gay Escort Newcastle Gay Guild

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For services to Energy Efficiency and the Green Deal and voluntary service through Changing Faces. However, petit cul salope astique moi la bite it does some very interesting things from this base framework. (Belfast) John Michael Welbank. Most of all, the game's world map resembles (albeit very roughly) the real world, with all these places including corresponding to their real world equivalents. For services to the Treatment of Osteoporosis. Professor Richard William Blundell, CBE, FBA. Also, despite being a "spiritual brother" to the Air Nomads, he is explicitly not one himself. Noel Force Solicitor, Essex Police. For services to national, regional and international advocation for the rights of women.