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Peasant Republic, Impressions and Observations, London: 1921 kazanski, Michel, soupault, Vanessa, Les sites archéologiques en Crimée et au Caucase durant l'Antiquité tardive et le haut Moyen-Âge, Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers,. 43 engle, Anita, Glass and the Silk Route, Jerusalem: Phoenix Publications, 1976 Double issue 6 and 7 of Readings in Glass History ; includes a chapter on "finds in the Caucasus". Thierry, J-M., "Le Vaspourakan en Arménie in Dossiers Histoire et Archéologie,. XVI,.l.:.n.,. Von Robert Steiner und Emil Zopfi, Basel: Lenos,.; the extraordinarily-named "Lorenz Saladin" was a Swiss mountaineer who in 1932 'took part in the first Swiss expedition to the Caucasus with a ski club from Zurich and contributed reports and photographs to the press. And the Baltic Republics, Chicago: University of Chicago, 1991 manning, Paul, " 'Mi' and 'mo' revisited: Global indexical coding and the category of 'orientation' in Old Georgian in NSL 8: Linguistic Studies on the Non-Slavic Languages of the.I.S. They were the very best: hardened, fearless, decorated, cocky fighting men, all veterans of Gallipoli and the Western Front.

Boudjikanian,., "Les arméniens de Turquie, d'Iran et du Liban in Dossiers Histoire et Archéologie,. In 1957 in Journal of the Royal Geographical Society, London: The Royal Geographical Society, 1958 dunsheath, Joyce, Guest of the Soviets: Moscow and the Caucasus, 1957, London: Constable, 1959 dunsterville, Maj.-Gen. 1, 1953 Field excursion guidebook for the Donets Basin and the North Caucasus, Moscow: 1975 fikes, Kesha, lemon, Alaina, "African Presence in Former Soviet Spaces in Annual Review of Anthropology, Vol. I: Pshavi Tbilisi: Metsniereba, 1974 bardavelidze, Vera,.1: "The traditional social and religious monuments of the mountainous areas of Eastern Georgia Vol. Dirr published under the title "Das Familiengewohnheitsrecht der Tscherkessen" in the Zeitschrift für vergleichend Rechtswissenschaft, Vol. Heawar Devoted to the History of Russian Jews, Vol. Hunt, unpublished vivian, Katharine, 'The Knight in Panther Skin' by Shota Rustaveli, a free translation in prose by Katharine Vivian, with a Foreword by Prof. Varandian, Mikael, Le conflit armeno-georgien et la guerre du Caucase, avec une préface d'Albert Thomas, directeur du International Labor Office, Paris: Imprimerie.

Festschrift / Publication dhommage offerte.W. Severin, Tim, The Jason Voyage, Hutchinson, 1985 von seydlitz, Nikolai, "Ethnographie des Kaukasus (mit 1 Karte in behm,. With 496 ills., 3 tables and 3 maps. Facing West: Oriental Jews of Central Asia and the Caucasus, Zwolle: Waanders,. M?ller, Ferdinand Heinrich, Der Ugrische Volksstamm, oder Untersuchungen ?ber die L?ndergebiete am Ural und am Kaukasus in historischer, geographischer und ethnographischer Beziehung, Berlin: Duncker und Humblot, 1837 M?ller-simonis,., hyverna,., Du Caucase au Golfe Persique ? travers l'Arm?nie. Xxvii, 1971 toumarkine, Alexandre, "L'intégration des immigrants du Caucase du Nord-Ouest dans l'Empire Ottoman (de la fin du xixème siècle au début du XXème siècle in ozsoy,. The Abkhazians: A Handbook, London: Curzon Press, 1999 hewitt, George, Introduction to the Study of the Languages of the Caucasus, Munich: lincom Europa, 2004 hewitt, George, Abkhaz: A comprehensive self-tutor, lincom Student Grammars, 2010 heybrock, Werner, "Caucasus glacier avalanches in wrigley,.M.

Jahrhunderts in den einzelnen Distrikten des Kaukasus, Braunschweig: Klinkhardt Biermann, 1964 English translation, Caucasian rugs: a detailed presentation of the art of carpet weaving in the various districts of the Caucasus during the 18th and 19th century, published London: Allen Unwin, 1967. With a map) by Baerenstamm in Tiflis in 1887. J.-C.), Paris: Érrance,. Stellan Stàl, 1917.; " le délégué des musulmans du Caucase ". Paolini, Stefano, Dittionario Giorgiano e Italiano the oldest known dictionary relating to Georgian, and, with the next title, the first Georgian printed book, Rome (Vatican City Sagra Congregatione de Propaganda Fide, 1629 paolini, Stefano, Alphabetum Ibericum sive Georgianum cum Oratione Dominicali.


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Sur les traces d'Alexandre Dumas, Paris: L'Harmattan, 2003 vaillant-couturier,., vaasa gay thai hieronta kultarannikko bulgaria On the Steppes of the Ukraine and the Caucasus, Moscow: Co-operative Publishing Society of Foreign Workers in the ussr, 1932 VALÉRY, Francis, Les Internautes. Etnograficheski ocherk.O., Vol.2, Moscow: 1889 khakhanov, Alexander., "Meskhis: Ethnographical Outline" (Meskhi. 91-114 reimers, Julius, Der Lehnsstaat in Georgien "The Feudal State in Georgia Leipzig: Voigtländer, 1914 reineggs, Jacob, von bieberstein, Friedrich August, Allgemeine historisch-topographische Beschreibung des Kaukasus, 2 volumes, Gotha St Petersburg: Gerstenberg und Dittmar, 1796-7 English translation by Charles wilkinson, London:. Krisenherde im Fokus des Völkerrechts / Trouble Spots in the Focus of International Law, Vol. Mahuzier, Albert, Hiver en Sibérie Caucase et Asie Centrale, Paris: Presses de la Cité, 1966 mahuzier, Albert, "La Géorgie médiévale in Dossiers Histoire et Archéologie,. Krasceninnicowa, Maria, Il Caucaso (Studio Storico-Archeologico), Roma: Palombi, 1957 krause, Werner., Kosaken und Wehrmacht Der Freiheitskampf eines Volkes, Graz: Leopold Stocker,. Jenkinson, Anthony, Early Voyages and Travels to Russia and Persia,.J. (eds "Northern Caucasus in Agrochemistry of the Soils of the.S.S.R., Vol.

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Proceedings of the Conference on Northwest Caucasian Linguistics, 10-, Oslo: Novus, 1997 kunze, Thomas, vogel, Thomas, Von der Sowjetunion in die Unabhängigkeit Eine Reise durch die 15 früheren Sowjetrepubliken, Berlin: Christoph Links,. Bzhania, The history of archeological studies of monuments from Aeneus and early bronze in Abkhazia;. Omarov,., "The Manner of Life among the Laks" (Narodni bit Lakov in Sbornik (Bulletin) of the North Caucasian Mountaineers, Vol.4 omont, Excursion aux eaux min?rales du Caucase, Paris: 1886 onipchenko, Vladimir., blinnikov,.S., aksenova,.A., "Experimental Evaluation. 448 "Tyr, les ports antiques redécouverts Paris: 2007. Tavartkiladzi, 1930 Download in full black-and-white jpegs.50MB winrar folder, with some colour illustrations.

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(eds Manlike Monsters of Trial; Early Records and Modern Evidence, Vancouver and London: University of British Columbia Press, 1980 colarusso, John, "Parallels between the Circassian Nart sagas, the Rig Veda and Germanic mythology in pendakar,.S. Polo, Marco, The Travels of Marco Polo polovtsoff, General.A., Glory and Downfall Reminiscences of Russian General Staff Officer, London: Bell Sons, 1935 The author served in the Russo-Japanese War, in the Caucasus in 1917, on the North-West. Inadze,.P., Prichenomorskiye goroda drevney Kolkhidi "The coastal cities of Colchis Tbilisi:. Labour Monthly (August 1937 International Labour, 1947 cavelius, Alexandra, Die Zeit der Wölfe Eine tschetschenische Familie erzählt, Berlin: Ullstein,. 25 of the "Prähistorische Archäologie in Südosteuropa" series; see also Vol. Stevens, Admiral Leslie., Life in Russia, London: Longmans, 1954 Admiral Stevens was Naval Attach? in Moscow 1947-49, a period during escort arabe paris escort boy brest which he talked with an enormous number and variety of people in Moscow bars, in Leningrad, in the. Woolrych, Russian Hosts and English Guests in Central Asia, London: Scientific Press, 1898 Descriptions of Batoum, Baku, Krasnovodsk, Ashgabad, Merv, Bukhara, Samarkand Odessa pertsov,.A., Health Resorts of the.S.S.R., Moscow: Central Institute of Balneology, 1939 petrosyan, Hamlet., "Tigranakert (Tigranocerte.