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a lot as actors because its a really tough subject to portray in the best was possible, she says. Share your thoughts via the comment section below. . Casey Jon Deidricks character of Chad has been a wonderful straight ally on the show with his friendship and chemistry with gay best friend Sonny (played. And for more with Susan Seaforth Hayes big week of story and her 50 years of Julie make sure to check out the latest episode.

File under: Daytime. He pulls out custody papers that his lawyer had drawn. . She tells Chad that Charlotte is his bio-daughter. . Days has been a place where they can finally write it correctly. The writers are doing such a wonderful job and Chandler Massey whos playing Will Horton is doing a phenomenal job playing the character. I think its about time, Casey said if the shows gay storyline. So, were you glad Julies memory came back pretty pronto? . Stefan demands real proof, and so he and Abby  head to the hospital to find Kayla (Mary Beth Evans). . Hernandez for making Abby look like she has been suffering from her mental illness (DID yet again.

Casey, jon, deidrick s character of Chad has been a wonderful straight ally on the show with his friendship and chemistry with gay best friend Sonny (played by Freddie Smith). Although he does yet not know Will is gay, there seems little doubt that Chad would be as accepting as he has been of Sonny. IMDb s advanced search allows you to run extremely powerful queries over all people and titles in the database. Find exactly what you re looking for! Actor ROB lowe was stunned by the reaction of his fellow gym users when he announced he was quitting THE west wing.

The handsome star, who played SAM seaborn in the White House. An average high school student and his best friend get caught up in some trouble causing him to receive a werewolf bite. As a result they find themselves in the middle of all sorts of dramas in Becan Hills. Gay, celebrities Gay, hollywood Find this Pin and more on Soap Opera Related by Keia. Casey Deidrick from Eye Candy, casey Deidrick by Barry King, casey Deidrick has been one of my favorite actors on NBC s Days of Our Lives ever since I started watching the show a few years ago.


She then tells a stunned Abby and Stefan that Chad is Charlottes biological father. . I chatted with Camila and Casey about the first gay storyline in the history of Days of Our Lives. Chandler Massey, who has been top-notch as Will, attended last weeks NOH8 party in West Hollywood along with two of his co-stars: Camila Banus who plays his now ex-girlfriend Gabi and. A young rock band, half of its members from England and half from the.S., drops out of college and moves to the Sunset Strip to chase their dreams. Weve both been real respectful of each other and talk a lot about whats going to happen in a scene.

She continues to tell them how Gabi switched the paternity results and when she confronted Gabi about it, they had a struggle as Gabi was trying to rip the results out of Julies hands, thus causing her fall. Days of our Lives, Julie and Abigail (Kate Mansi) have a chat at the Hortons about Gabi (Camila Banus). . Thus, Gabi is looking more and more guilty by the second! . What should happen to Gabi now that her jig is almost up? . Hearing Abigail and Stefan argue, and Stefan professing, That is my daughter, etc, leads Julie to have a startling revelation! Abigail is not happy about him just showing up unannounced, especially after she delivered a special Christmas present to him divorce papers and then revealed she had been playing him this whole time as Gabby with. When Will asks Gabi to move in with him yet still pulls away from her, Gabi decides they need to take a break. (What I cant wait to see are more shirtless scenes involving Casey like the one below!). Kayla goes into the hospital database and sure enough, Chad is the father, not Stefan. . Photo: JPI Studios, after the hospital Christmas party for the kids and how funny was Leo (Greg Rikaart ) in his decked out Xmas outfit, and those lines of dialog remarked to the sick children Chad and Gabi come home. .

Will does not take it well and eventually flies into an uncharacteristic rage. Although he does yet not know Will is gay, there seems little doubt that Chad would be as accepting as he has been of Sonny. I cant wait for everybody to see. TV-G 24 min Comedy, Drama, Family. When they go into Kaylas office, she tells them that she remembers now that Gabi was with her the day that she got the DNA results. . Meanwhile, Stefan is alone at Christmas in the mansion, and picks up the present he got for Charlotte, and then smashes it to the ground and begins to sob. The desire to keep his favorite weatherman from being fired prompts Justin to get him to call for outlandish forecasts that he makes come true, and brings Mother Nature herself to take her anger out on him. When Gabi goes upstairs to pack for their move, Abigail arrives with Charlotte. . Are you rooting for Chad and Abby to finally get back together? Comments (3 in recent weeks on, days of Our lives, weve witnessed the beginning of the unraveling of Will Horton who is about to embark on a journey of facing the fact that he is gay.

Com and on all major pod platforms. Casey Jon Deidrick who plays his close friend Chad. Inside Salem: Days of our Lives. I cant really believe it took this long to. On the Christmas day episode of NBCs. DiMera is in complete denial. Abby brings Charlotte to Stefan, who lowers the boom on her saying he is taking the baby back home with him. . Stefan (Tyler Christopher) shows up at the Hortons demanding to see his daughter, Charlotte. . Suddenly, Julies memory is sparked about her confrontation with Gabi and how she fell down the stairs, and finding the DNA results that Gabi was hiding that proved that Chad (Billy Flynn) was Charlottes father, not Stefan. .

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Feeling guilty she had Julie snoop around on Gabi, (which eventually led to her tumble down the stairs Julie says they need to keep their eye on the bigger prize is doing a victory dance when they bring down. Gabi doesnt particularly know that hes gay yet but she does have a feeling, Camila says. Austin, Jennifer Stone, votes:. Podcast streaming now at NBC. Camila said she and Massey have worked hard site de rencontre plan cul gay cul juteux to make their scenes realistic. Julie drops the ornament she was holding in her hand and it breaks, when she remembers!

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