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unruly New York with big sighs of relief. I don't know of any interest from Siemens or Telefunken; Loopstra has an Electrologica X 1 in his "factory" for a French location and gave me the impression another one was already in, but did not say where. Magnificent; the boys were crazy about it, and Joyce said it was the sexiest thing she had ever ridden in - let alone driven! Sperry Rand International Corporation would pick up six weeks of living expenses at the de la Paix level, including the portion due to Elizabeth, but no travel or car expenses (I had sort of hoped to cover. While Elizabeth and Grace were careful not to criticize, they had to be dubious about my careening around places like Courmayeur while I had no income at home.

It began to get dark. And he always had a bedraggled cigarette hanging from the corner of his mouth. He showed me a high speed paper tape punch which I reported to Minneapolis as a Creed?) 3000, doing 300 char/sec and said he didn't need mag tape. This sounds like a lifetime. Lillian knew these things as well, but thought astronomers should be above such details; when I got tired of imitating Cliff I would sidle upstairs and talk to Everett Yowell, who was running the military project in the Astronomical.

si je vous r?ponds non, cest non, je fais ?a pour moi, pour vivre ma sexualit? pas pour gagner de largent avec mon corps jesp?re que cela est bien clair et que je naurai plus ce genre de propositions d?gradantes. The most powerful service bureau operation on the continent is housed in Paris - the IBM European Center - but Frenchmen object to the name: it should be the French Center! Eckert hired me in May of 1945, and the Watson Lab had been under way for some months - and both the European and the Pacific wars deliriously concluded - before the eniac announcement. On the Continent and in the.K. We shopped frantically for furniture, had dinner one night with our nice witnesses, and tied the knot in minimum Lutheran style. The second possibility was that Bech and his vision might pull the rest of Scandinavia along, and create a viable capability for the whole region. When I was challenged in Dave's staff meeting about my wicked ways, I produced figures showing that my own imaginative office furniture cost less than their stodgy walnut desks, and that the fish maintenance was cheaper than replacing the schefflera in the main building lobby. I really did a visit in 1962 because I had a friend in Belgium whom I had not seen during my ITT travails the year before.


During good behavior, you had a life job, at non-decreasing pay, and with great perquisites, ranging from membership in lovely dollar-a-year country clubs to suites on the Queen Mary, provided: you accepted any job offered you in any location whatever. Once the troops saw me laughing and joined in, we had weeks of decreased tension and good feeling. Sample relationship: I look around the horrid scene outside my office. I had barely mastered middlewestern chop suey, and only with a fork. The customer engineer (IBM for "maintenance expert showed me where the machine -30- blueprints were hidden. Watson had told him IBM intended to do so, and had indicated vigorously how unhappy he was with Aiken and Harvard. Bech agreed but said it was hard to get past their fighter plane mind set. And many of these, I repeat, are social rather than technical or financial. "They know how to pump arsenic out of patients, and they are all set if the Nazis use poison gas." There was indeed such a chemical, and it was indeed a secret; it was called BAL, British Anti-Lewisite.

But that was only the beginning; he then made up a punched card for each date for which he wanted a lunar position - every few hours for several decades - and ran the huge pack through step after step after step. Today we have laptops that offer that sort of personalization for two or three thousand dollars; in the mid-Sixties a team of CIA analysts would need a major chunk of a million- dollar mainframe. The rest of the Huntsville story is routine, except to note that the von Braun team did indeed launch Explorer the next January, considerably after Sputnik II and the dog "Laika but six weeks ahead of the Navy's Vanguard. But it turned me inside out at the time. Linked together by tidy cables rather than with plugwires, needless to say.

Galactic Headquarters and its outriggers showed how leadership without professional management operated. The literature has carried some of the story of the stretch disaster, including a little of Red Dunwell's story. (Although thinking about it later I realized he was pushing Surly Seymour's creation a lot harder than the Detroiters were pushing their strange beast. Prev Next Contents Index Top 1918 Born, Saskatoon, Canada (US citizen from 1934) 1924-28 Primary school, Windsor, Canada 1928-30 Junior high school, Toledo 1930-34 High school, Royal Oak 1934-41 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 1934 Entered, as University Scholar 1936. The plant was called Electronics Park, and it was the fiefdom of a tough old guy named. We at World Headquarters thank you for the support you and your families gave your husbands, which in turn enabled them to produce this spectacular machine." There were tours of the ssec, by the way. He was to hold letter mail unless we agreed by phone he should forward it; I had told Miles to use night letters "over the holidays" if he needed to reach. Not much could be done during the war; everybody was madly busy, and there was travel restriction and rationing. He said he wished I had time to be social, and that he wanted me to meet his wife, "who doesn't believe my stories about you and Tahiti and flying off the Riffelberg".

"Grosch he said, "I'm having enough trouble keeping the damned accountants from stitching the company back together again, without you pushing everybody's computers into cooperating." Well, there went the ball game. Almost anything had potential, and the Blue Suit Brigade could sell it even if it didn't. He was still chuckling at my remark while watching the works manager carve the leg of lamb yes! From World War One there had been a Ballistic Research Laboratory there, where later Hilleth Thomas and Johnnie von Neumann did interior ballistics (explosions) and Leland Cunningham - yes, -89- the one that helped me learn. I was ticketed for BRH, the downtown helipad, and it worked. 32- Prev Next Contents Index Top In Chapter 04 you will encounter (in order of appearance The Great Depression dominated the American scene until Pearl Harbor Parents Mabel and Bert Grosch produced a hatchling in Saskatchewan Saskatoon the Central.

A wonderful thick malted milk was ten cents in those days, and a large hamburger the same, but it was several years before I could afford breakfast. The group, now led by a chap named Floyd Steele, split off from Northrop and became CRC, Computer Research Corporation, with a small facility in Hawthorne, California. Dreyfus and his boss are both supposed to have left, Dreyfus for ecma in Geneva and the general manager for the US (both rumors unverified). Von Braun and get back to you, sir the aide said. They still have a presence, but of course the prospects have dwindled away. The scenes to be transmitted were picked out, and checked on the Lynn monitor. Eckert's shop on top of Pupin in New York had been one of Watson's many benefactions.

I rushed out on the 28th, telling him I had business at Burroughs and Chrysler "in a few days" (which indeed I managed to put together, telling Ray Macdonald the Burroughs president about my European adventures as a presumed explorer of B5000 possibilities). One of the small pleasures of life was to walk down the long rows of girls and women on the assembly floor, and have them whistle at you. I got the gang together - all but Earl, who was deep in conversation with the TV men. I had no schedule any more; the Simca factory had been the very last line on a long and complex listing. She poured out the story over the phone: Ronnie had had a casual meeting with his former friend a week ago, and the day before the parole officer had snaffled him, said friend had been found out in the desert, well perforated. He took me with him to his sales meetings and got me to pontificate about IBM and review the opportunities for the 1107 and the forthcoming 1108 at the places I had seen in my 1962 Control Data visits. Since it was busy around the clock, and since the No Booze rule was really serious, they were held outside. My own troops were delighted, and to my surprise I had several good volunteers for a well-cushioned transfer to the Huntsville operation. It was full of bright users, some of them IBM employees and some, outsiders like Ewing's students and. When I said this was a new way of transferring knowledge about computing I was referring to repetitive meetings.

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There were also lots of papers and engine parts, but nothing like the hundreds of tons of V-2 hardware that accompanied von Braun to White Sands. But he swept Clarice along with him, as he had swept her off on their honeymoon, driving overland from Bangkok to Jerusalem in 1947. I quickly decided that to check out even a few patents would require hundreds of hours of ray-tracing - even with a machine like the one planned at Kodak! My third choice was the powerful system designer Chris Strachey I had met at the BCS, who was involved with Ferranti plans for the atlas, competitor with larc and stretch in the supercomputer steeplechase, and had given one of the few significant papers at icip. I remembered the crazy list of nineteen African capitals on the back of the Jordils brochure, and suggested to my excitable client that he could probably seed univac IIIs in every capital that had reliable electricity. But after the Sperry Rand suit was settled, of course. "Amdahl says they are going to offer a second box of core I mused. For a third of the air freight price, too - and arriving ahead. You could be an astronomer, which meant you knew Eckert, and about the older Columbia bureau. Cam grosse bite plan cu a paris

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